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 A little about Mike Culnane..

Mike is the principal of Y5K Consulting and is an influential leader with significant and broad technology experience within Financial Services, Retail-Wholesale and Supply Chain environments.

He thinks and acts strategically whilst operationally, is commercially savvy, pragmatic and strives for business success.

An effective leader of teams and projects - able to work under pressure and within time and/or budget constraints, he brings sound business knowledge to complex technology environments. With a proven history of delivering on business outcomes, he creates, defines and adapts strategic directions, delivering and making impact.

A thirst for continually researching and learning latest trends, methodologies and ways of delivering technology faster and better, he also translates this into practical options.

Innovation and design thinking are front of mind in how he & IT responds to challenges..

Able to cultivate a positive team culture and engage his staff, as well as those around him, with a practical and down to earth personality - highly regarded by managers, peers and staff. Can engage at all levels of a business - from in depth technical dialog with system engineers and architects, through to C-Level and Board presentation of simplified IT strategic plans and outcomes.

Visualising the big picture, he translates that vision into plans and execution, and has a track record of delivering real progress across support and development teams. Successful management of complex and large vendor relationships, outsourced agreements, and contractor resources.

A real passion for customer focus - understanding and observing what customers and users need, and translating that into effective solutions.


  • “It is with great honor and pleasure I write this recommendation for Mike. I have worked with Mike for many years and he is one of those rare gems that you come across in your professional career. He is professional, hard working, intelligent and loyal. He operates with integrity and strong values at all times and appreciates customer service and collaborative team work for successful outcomes.

    Beata K.
    CEO - Auslaser
  • "Mike is a very experienced IT professional and leader with excellent interpersonal skills and a strong focus on execution"

    Carl W.
    CFO - GE
  • “I worked with Mike on a large integration in the financial sector while at GE. This covered the infrastructure for and relocation of 300 people across 4 diverse sites.

    Mike's technical skills were excellent and his ability to lead and manage the complex challenges of a time based project were outstanding. He is a very approachable individual with a great sense of humour while maintaining a professional delivery.

    If others find Mike as I did they will be well pleased”

    Jim H
    IT Leader - GE

How can I help ?

Do you have a Technology challenge that needs insight & support :

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  • A Salesforce Implementation
  • A Major Project Execution
  • IT Team Management (Large or Small)

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Rozelle, NSW, 2039

Phone: +61 (0414) 835 319